Outpatient Addiction Treatment & Sober Living Homes near Los Angeles

Nestled in the private suburbs of Northridge, California, Los Angeles County, A Step in the Right Direction offers Outpatient Addiction Treatment Programs, a Transitional Living Program, & Luxury Sober Living Homes for individuals who desire to return to a life of meaning and purpose. Whether there is a need for Intensive Outpatient Treatment,  Luxury Sober Living or both-A Step in the Right Direction is the key to opening the door to freedom from addiction. Our Intensive Outpatient Treatment Center and Premier Luxury Sober Living Homes are available as a next step after treatment, or as a first step for those whom Residential Treatment is not possible.  Our Programs are suitable for individuals who have work, family, and other commitments that require substance abuse treatment on an outpatient level or for those who do not require the intensity of residential treatment.

Our Addiction Treatment Programs & Sober Living Homes

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Our Clients Say it Best

“After being in a sober living for 2 weeks, I was fed up with the way the staff was treating me. I came to A Step In The Right Direction House and I am so grateful. The staff is amazing and kind and they genuinely care about my recovery. The house is beautiful and always kept up nicely. You can bring your pets here which is amazing. I truly feel like I am at home. I am more hopeful about my recovery than I have ever been before!”
“I’ve been in many sober livings and every single one of them pales in comparison to a step in the right direction. The house is beautiful, they have just the right amount of structure, and the people who make it all happen are amazing. These people ACTUALLY care and are ACTUALLY there for you when you need them. They will do anything they can to help you and make sure you’re on the right track. The house is clean, the people are caring and friendly, and I can even have my cat live with me. I can honestly say, what more could you want?”
Vesper R., Client
“Linda is an amazing person. She cares for the women in the house and always encourages us to take “A Step in the Right DIrection.”
Adele M., Client
“One could not ask for anything better. Thank you guys so much for giving my life back.”
Camren J., Client
“I got sober at A STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. Today I have 7 years Clean and Sober. I got my foundation here. Great Place… Linda you will always have a special place in my heart.”
Liz S., Client
“A Step in the Right Direction is the first transitional women’s facility for sobriety i have ever experienced. I have been living here willingly for the past year and am extremely grateful for the home Linda Ruzich has been providing to all of us women who have gone down a path of addiction. It’s an amazing discovery of one’s self as along as you put your recovery into action. A Step in the Right Direction can provide you with all the tools to a healthier and more fulfilled life!”
Nathalie R., Client